“Stuck, stagnant…”

“Fragmented, a shadow of myself…”





“hating my body”


These are not the words that women expect themselves to be using to describe how they feel about themselves as mothers…but they are the truth of how many of us are feeling, and living, every day.

*Are you committed to living deeply and fully (even if that feels inaccessible right now)?
*Willing to take responsibility for yourself and your own healing process?
*Would you benefit from the warmth and belonging of community to support that journey?
*Are you ready to engage with a process that will bring you connection, freedom and change?

If your answer to these questions is, ‘Yes!’ Heart Healing for Mothers will guide you through a process of clear vision, re-connection, release, and renewal so that you can access once more (or maybe for the first time) the whole-hearted, connected, feeling self that is *you* as you are meant to be.

“I took part in Rebecca’s Heart Healing For Mothers programme and can’t recommend it enough….the methods are gentle but powerful and the support throughout is great. It really helped me transition from a place of deep anger to a place of much more acceptance and peace. Thank you Rebecca xx” – Lindsay, Wales

“Thank you Rebecca for the beautiful meditation… I did it last night and it was really powerful for me … it was like meeting an ancient tribe of women with deep understanding of life, accepting it with its joys and sorrows … it felt like coming home and feelings of isolation melted away…”  O., Slovakia

What the programme involves:

*Gentle daily practice with minimum time constraints (designed by a busy mother for busy mothers!) that is flexible in timing and takes less than 20 minutes each day.

*Powerful weekly group energy healing sessions.

*A themed journey of experiential work to take you safely down and through an intensive inner process of transformation, and back out again.

*A private FB group for connection and sharing the journey through change.

“I joined the group feeling quite disoriented and isolated following the loss of my second pregnancy…Reaching out to the group was my first connection with other people for over two months.

For the first two sessions I felt little more than a sense of peace I was unable to achieve on my own and I was able to fall asleep which I had been having difficulties with.  As I progressed I became aware of a cool, soothing energy which was not intrusive but rather held me in companionship and safety.  I am a very visual person and am used to very active experiences but this space kept me peaceful and provided exactly the right amount of energy and support that I needed.  Every now and then I was aware of a space being woven, like a delicate tapestry of light around me.  I felt the strong presence of women, both living and ancestral who understood what I was going through and simply held the space and witnessed my grief and showed me that healing was possible…I experienced a second very early loss immediately after the first and again the support was there and I felt that my need to simply be held was honoured.

As I write this I am experiencing my fourth miscarriage… I only have to think of being in the sacred space Rebecca created with the other women who shared the experience to feel the web of light around me and know that I am understood and that when I am ready healing will come.”  -Maggie, London

The journey unfolds over eight weeks of work together, tracing a path to the heart centre and back again, exploring the rich inner worlds and reclaiming those pieces of our selves that have been lost to us along the way…

This deep journey programme *is* for you if you are:
*feeling stuck, stagnant, a fragment or shadow of your real / former ‘self’
*feeling heart-sore, heart-weary, heart-shattered
*committed to living deeply and fully (even if that feels inaccessible right now)
*willing to take responsibility for yourself and your own healing process
*would benefit from the warmth and belonging of community to support that journey
*ready to engage with a process that will bring you connection, freedom and change.

This deep journey programme is *not* for you if you are:
*unready or unwilling to change
*want someone else to do the work for you

This programme is a women-only space.

“I feel as though if I close my eyes and go within to imagine whats happening, that my body is trying to reawaken and make me take notice of the strength and power that is deep within me, to trust what I feel and to allow myself to feel at a level that I’m not sure I ever have…I feel as though I have been cut off for so long, maybe as long as I can remember, that I need to now connect with the truth and potential of what and who I am as a woman and a mother. I don’t just feel that it’s time to let go of my negative associations with the birth but also to let go of past physical violations of my body, the rape, the giving of myself emotionally and physically to please and the emotional violations engrained in me from a young age about the inferiorities of my body and my appearance.” F., Newcastle

When do we start? The course begins 22 June 2017 – we’ll have 8 weeks together, live, on this journey, but you’ll have lifetime access to the course materials and all future versions.

How much does it cost? The investment is £497 for lifetime access to the 8-week programme.

REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED. Please join us next time! In the meantime, do stop by the free FB community to keep in touch.