“Completely and utterly life-changing.”  -Rima, Newcastle

The healing work Rebecca did with me during my pregnancy was incredible and amazing. My fears were addressed and I was able to accept and embrace them so that my labour and birth wasn’t negatively affected.  I have no doubt Rebecca helped me to achieve the home birth I wanted and needed. -Laura, London

“[For me] the sessions were a hinge between a five year period of loss, pain and bereavement, and the final successful completion of the pregnancy which was at its earliest stage when I worked with Rebecca. My life is totally different and I am a totally different person.

[It was] very intense, but held and peaceful. The full experience felt apart from the world, in an ‘other’ place of acceptance. Each mini-session was slightly different and growing in intensity with plenty of time to recover between. I felt totally at ease with Rebecca and trusted her more fully each time we went deeper. I was able to access the energy of the healing sessions for a very long time afterwards and so continue the work.

I was physically, as well as psychically healed. I felt more grounded in my body, better connected to my senses. I was able to draw strength from this feeling as I tackled the challenges (and blessings) ahead.

Rebecca has a rare gift. She is able to work with women as a spiritual and physical healer. She is gentle but fearless and, in my view, totally unique as a healer. To meet her is to know that here is someone who can offer something special for those who are trying to make sense of the unique and complex woundings, birthings, losses and re-birthings that women can experience.”

-Maggie, Bedfordshire

A session with you is like stepping out of time for a little while. The real world just disappears and its just you and me and the space. I can sink right in and be fully present with what is happening and what arises and know that it is held by you. I feel safe, relaxed and peaceful. Afterwards, I feel like I’m back in balance again, no longer fragmented. I can think clearly and feel able to move forwards again.

You have brought me into the truth of myself…Because of what you showed me, because of how you held me. You have helped me learn to trust in myself…It’s not that I am a different person, it is that I am the most myself I have ever been, having not realised that I wasn’t really myself for so many years before. Such a gift – thankyou.

If you feel drawn to work with Rebecca then do it, you won’t regret it. She will support and nourish you in ways you can’t even imagine.

-Awen Clement, WildMagpie, Birmingham

“Very deep and powerful work in which I had to face some very painful and destructive shit, but I trusted the process too because I knew it was held…you [Rebecca] have the capacity to really be there for someone no matter how much of a dark or difficult place they need to go. You are wonderful and have changed my life path and helped me do such deep and important shadow work.” -Shakti Tracy, Diamond Heart Network, Newcastle


I feel as though if I close my eyes and go within to imagine whats happening, that my body is trying to reawaken and make me take notice of the strength and power that is deep within me, to trust what I feel and to allow myself to feel at a level that I’m not sure I ever have.

I feel as though I have been cut off for so long, maybe as long as I can remember, that I need to now connect with the truth and potential of what and who I am as a woman and a mother. I don’t just feel that it’s time to let go of my negative associations with the birth but also to let go of past physical violations of my body, the rape, the giving of myself emotionally and physically to please and the emotional violations engrained in me from a young age about the inferiorities of my body and my appearance.” F., Newcastle

“Powerful, empowering, heart and body expanding.” -Mona, Newcastle

[After a session] I often feel taller and more in line with my truth. I feel heard and supported in my cycle. I feels as though I have been nourished by a support system of unseen guides and that I am better equipped to follow my own self care plan. -Ellie, Newcastle

“The depth of shamanic work in combination with issues in women’s health is unusual to find. The sessions are very deep and healing, Rebecca will attune to your own unique needs as an individual in each session and is devoted to finding the best way of supporting you.” -Tania, Sunderland