Owning what you really are

It’s a crazy and powerful time at present, one of acceleration and change. The acceleration is one we need for certain, but it’s definitely not a comfortable place to be. 

We were born for these times. Whether we are fully, consciously aware of that, it’s an underlying truth of our souls. We are not here by chance. We are most definitely here with reason. 

I find it hard feeling trapped at home watching events unfold in the world and not being part of it. I wonder how much would I be if I had the opportunity? It’s hard to say. The reality is that my work is other, (perhaps yours is too?), and that all work of our work is needed.

I’ll be the first to say it isn’t easy. Maybe you, like me, are pulled in many different directions. It often feels like there’s not enough of me to go around.

Because of that, I’ve been denying some of that work up until recently, not sure of how to hold a balance between family obligations (which is very clearly also a significant part of my ‘work’) and what I do outside of that. 

I don’t think that denial was by chance, but a necessary part of my own experience: I needed to be more fully in my mother-self, and to access that I temporarily needed to let the healer sleep. I also needed to know what it felt like to let that part of myself go, so that I had enough impetus to awaken it again.

The truth of any calling is that we need to remember it, and actively choose it again and again.

It’s time to wake up, for all of us it’s time to wake. So my question for you, what in your life needs to awaken now? What aspect of yourself have you maybe been denying, or simply not been able to give attention to? What gifts do you have that need to come to life?

I want to emphasise this isn’t always about something ‘out there’, more often than not, it’s close to home because it is an integral part of who you are. Who we are matters, and what we do is part of that, an activation of the force that is *us*.

Our virtual circle is this evening, a great space for contemplating these questions and what you need to do next to activate your own soul’s calling. I know these things can sound quite grand, but actually it’s just about opening to the next simple step.  Whatever it is, this is your reminder that the time to activate and start weaving your own beautiful work in the world. 

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