MuTu Monday Week 3: When things start to fall apart

I don’t know about for you, but often for me when I’m engaging with a programme it’s between week 2 and week 3 that things start to get tough. This week I hit that edge.

If you can’t see this week’s video above, you can watch it here.

I find about a week to 10 days in is the place where many of us drop the ball, give up, and go back to old habits as the initial momentum and excitement hits up against everyday ordinary reality. Humans are creatures of habit! It takes time to change old patterns.

If you’ve hit that place, if you’ve missed a walk (or two!) or a day of core exercises, or cheated a bit with food know you’re not alone. What we’re doing is changing overall patterns and habits – these are BIG changes and it’s normal and human to stumble sometimes along the way.

The important thing when we do stumble is to allow ourselves to come back again, to hold to the bigger picture. Forgive yourself, and start again from where you left off.  (And this is where community support and the momentum of group connection shines – even if we stumble, we can be held by the group. Pop me a message if you’d like to know more about connecting locally.)

And take heart! Week 3 brings a new influx of that beginning momentum as we pick up intensives this week! I’m excited as I LOVE the energy and challenge of these.

Also, as Wendy says, have you changed your shoes yet?! I needed that nudge first time around as I was afraid barefoot would be waaay out of my price range and I was almost afraid to look. It is worth looking though as I found my first pair (in 2015) for about £30. These were well-loved for over a year before I needed to replace them.

My current shoes were more of an investment but worth it as I now know I love them. (My barefoot shoes are constantly being ‘borrowed’ by my children.) 

Have you hit that wall? Comment below and share what’s happening for you…and any tips of things that have worked for you to overcome the barrier. 

Also, shoes! Snap a pic and show us yours! See you next week! 

Not joined MuTu yet? You can find out more about the programme and/or sign up here (this is my affiliate link that gets you a discount 😊). Need more personal connection and motivation? Pop me a message and ask about the local group that’s going to be starting soon. 

MuTu Monday Week 2: My baby loves squats!

Hello everyone! Bran and I are checking in following our first completed week of MuTu. Bran’s favourite MuTu exercise is…SQUATS. I keep him entertained by doing them when he’s in the bath.

Can’t see the video above? You can watch it here:

My best tip for busy mamas this week is…be flexible! Learning the exercises (and printing out the cheat sheet) has meant that if my toddler is not feeling cooperative I can do the exercises in small chunks throughout the day. He may love squats, but he seriously dislikes anything where my head is on the ground so I have to pick my moments.

We’ve done pretty well with our walking, though snow this week has meant a slower pace and Bran in the sling (I use a long woven wrap which gives adequate support to my back and shoulders whilst carrying – this week I was using my Firespiral slings wool blend that is ultra supportive and warm under a babywearing coat). He snuggled right in to sleep.

One other big change for me in the first week is engaging with the MuTu Food
 – this week I’ve focused on eating breakfast with protein, which can be challenging when you’re a busy mother of four. My top breakfasts for this week have been:

*yogurt with chia seeds and the Linwood flaxseed, almond, walnut, Brazil nut, enzyme Q-10 blend (very quick and packed with nutrients).

*vegetable omelette with cheese (this was a special treat on one of my baby’s nursery mornings)

*when I’ve really no time a handful of nuts (almonds or hazelnuts) and a piece of fruit.

While my diet overall is fairly okay now that I’m tracking again (and showing a little self-restraint!), I’m admittedly a bit of a caffeine fiend…definitely a crutch! Week 2 is asking for two food changes so I’m thinking about bringing my caffeine consumption into the MuTu food limits and replacing my excess tea and coffee habit with my home herbal tea mix of nourishing oatstraw, nettle and red raspberry leaf (a mix that is nutrient-rich and mood balancing…I’m sure my children will thank me for that! 😉).

If you’re following the programme I’d love to hear how you’re getting on, so do share in the comments. Not started yet? You can find out more about MuTu System and sign up here (and my affiliate link will get you a 20% discount!)

MuTu Monday! Week One: I am determined

Hello everyone! I went back and forth about sharing this journey but in the end, here I am. This week, and the next 12 weeks, I’ll be mapping my progress as I re-start the MuTu Intensive programme.

Can’t see the video? You can access it here:

I absolutely love MuTu. I discovered MuTu and its founder Wendy Powell just after I’d given birth to my fourth baby and was suffering from what felt like pretty severe diastasis recti. I was a little hesitant about it as I am wary of overly aggressive fitness regimes for newly postpartum women. I am a firm believer that new mamas need nurturing and rest!! But I was in pain and I needed a real solution, so I took the plunge. I was pleasantly surprised as I sat watching the introductory videos.

You know what I love most about it?

*One, it approaches body care through the lens of NURTURE and LOVE (and hey, ‘Love’ is my word for 2017! if you haven’t found yours yet, here’s a little something for you <3).

*Two, Wendy Powell has a real understanding and respect for mothers and the pace of motherhood (I share more about this in the intro video above).

*Three, Wendy knows what she’s talking about – her programme is mama-friendly, holistic, effective and do-able.

With some determination, of course.

The fact is, when you are a mother, everything is different.

Before motherhood, the main obstacle to me setting and accomplishing a goal was me just doing it (or not). Effort, yes. But pretty much human effort.

With motherhood, It’s not the same kind of life at all. I’m on my own with 4 children and I can vouch for the fact that the pace, the rhythms of motherhood are simply other. When evening rolls around and the house becomes quiet, I can sigh with relief and finally finally finally stretch my arms and body so simply in the way that’s been calling to me since morning, whilst the kettle boils, and as my body just begins to relax and release it comes – the wail of my baby waking up, looking for milk and companionship.

Or the other night, I think ‘just do it’. My children are awake, but you know, we can do it anyway, right? Same intention for stretching, and the baby grabs my hair to lift my head and lunges at me for milk.

As a mama, I know you’ve got to pick your moments….and these moments vary day to day, sometimes even hour to hour. And it very likely takes about 20x longer for you to accomplish anything (it does me! and sometimes that is a good day).

“I am determined.” Those are the words that came to me Saturday afternoon as it took me about 45 minutes to get out the door for a 30 minute walk. I am determined.

I have solid reasons for wanting to do this work – being fully present and healthy for my children now and in years to come (this has become even more urgent for me when my littlest was diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome – I am a sole parent to him, and it’s put me in a position of much greater responsibility than before as I know he needs me for the longer term), and also just coping with the day to day responsibilities of being a single, working mother to four. I find that just plain tiring, even without any extras (illness, appointments, therapy for the little one).

I know that building my core strength and fitness is one of the key parts to thriving for me as a mama and as a woman. When my core and root are strong and my body aligned, I am strong and able to nurture and care for myself, my children, my home, my clients, my life.

Each week, I’m also going to share a tip or two or three for success for busy mamas – because I know it is really not the same embarking on a health or exercise programme with little ones about. Here they are for this week:

If you can’t see the video above, you can access it here:

Here are this week’s tips summed up –

*Know your why – more than know it, write it down, post it up, look at it, remember it, everyday.
*Track it! I’ve got a FitBit which really helps with the ease of this. Inside the MuTu programme there are some fab tracking tools as well.
*It’s okay to be where you are (now and always)

The path is never really a line, and for me, I’m circling back to MuTu after taking a few months off. But those times off (of ‘failure’ in a sense!) are also useful for reminding us why we are here doing this thing – it’s helped me to get clear and realign with my motivation and values. This is necessity for me, and I know it.

So today I begin! I’m going to get my start pictures sorted, download my checklists and exercise cheat-sheet. If you’d like to join me, I’d absolutely love that.  You can get access to MuTu instantly through this link – it (and the other links to the programme) is my affiliate link that also gives you a 20% discount on the digital programmes.

Local mamas! I‘m planning to run some local MuTu inspired classes starting from March – if you thrive with in person contact and accountability (I know I do!), this is just a heads up. But don’t let this put you off purchasing the digital programme and getting started now if you’re feeling drawn. I’ll be offering discounts to mamas who have enrolled through my link when the first round of the in person programme starts up in Spring.

And for anyone who really wants to see, here’s my unfiltered, unedited ‘before’ pictures. I definitely have the ‘mummy tummy’!