You matter. Your baby matters. We all deserve support as we find our feet in parenthood.

I equip women with the tools and support they need to reconnect with themselves and feel whole again. Motherhood ceases to be an endurance exercise to survive – it becomes an opportunity to thrive as a woman and as a parent.

Rebecca Wright Postnatal Specialist Doula HealerHello! This is me, Rebecca Wright. I’m a Doula and Postnatal Specialist. I’ve been working with women and families in the Northeast since 2005.

I’m (solo) mama to four little people, aged (almost!) 3 to 15 years, including a gorgeous little boy with Down’s Syndrome.¬†I work with women on the journey to and through motherhood. I know that this journey, however much we want it or love it, can get messy!

If you are finding this road NOT quite as easy or straightforward as you’d imagined it – physically, emotionally, or practically – you’re in the right place. ūüėä

As a mother myself, I know that becoming a mother doesn’t always follow the smooth, anticipated course. It is often a time when we face unexpected pressures and challenges…it’s a time when life can get messy! It’s normal and human to feel challenged by that.

When I first became a mother (back in May 2003), I honestly expected it to be easy. I was the oldest of 5 children, I’d grown up around babies and logged numerous hours caring for my siblings and other people’s children over the years. I read all the books. I hired fabulous midwives. I bought all the stuff I thought I’d need to make my life easier. I was so, so ready for motherhood! I had dreamy visions of my new baby sleeping peacefully in her Moses basket whilst I got on with the things I loved (gardening, cooking, writing).

Then reality hit. The birth was *much* tougher than I anticipated. After the birth, everything hurt. My daughter took to breastfeeding…but that hurt too and before I knew what had hit me, my nipples were damaged, raw, sore, cracked, bleeding. My perineum hurt, a lot. My daughter cried a lot. She wouldn’t be put down to sleep…or be put down period. I had to sit up to try to breastfeed her, which hurt in all ways. I struggled to get her latched on. Often there were tears all around as I felt like a failure and even sometimes rejected by my baby. My midwives were lovely and sympathetic, but my baby still wouldn’t latch easily and I was desperate for help that could actually solve the problems we were having.

I had a sling, but I couldn’t make it work. I got stuck waiting on my guests in the early weeks because I didn’t know how to do otherwise…and then when the flow of visitors slowed, I was stuck in the house alone, waiting long hours for my partner to return so I could eat, bathe, get a minimal break. My daughter would scream for hours on end no matter what I did. All in all, early motherhood was not what I had expected. It was far more painful, messy, shocking than anyone had ever told me it could be.

Eventually we made it out, and step by step, found our way through those early days and weeks. By the time I had my second baby two years later, I was able to hear what other women were saying about their own experiences of motherhood, and how they’d felt about their birth experiences and the time after. I wanted to ease the way for others, to share not only the positive connection and support I’d received from my midwives, but also be able to support the mastery of practical skills that so many of us don’t have that are essential to surviving and thriving in parenthood. I went on to train as a breastfeeding counsellor (certifying with LLL in 2005) and to become a doula (with Paramana Doula in 2007, recognised birth and postnatal by Doula UK in 2010).

That baby is nearly 15 years old now! It’s been a long time since those early days, my own motherhood journey led me through many more challenges and adventures as I added two more children to my family, experienced separation and divorce, as well as having a baby with special needs. Through these years, I’ve travelled alongside many other women in their journeys to and through new motherhood.

Here’s what I believe absolutely fully and wholeheartedly:¬†

You are important. How you feel matters. You matter. Your baby matters. We may live a society that isn’t always set up to make motherhood easy, but we all deserve love and understanding along the way – and we all deserve access to the¬†practical support and the skills that make that work of mothering easier.

Motherhood often changes us in ways no one tells us about, ways that we never could have predicted. ¬†It’s physical, intimate, challenging – we’re talking bodies here! – and sometimes bodies that don’t do what we want or expect them to do. We may end up feeling feel broken…and certainly not cut out for this whole motherhood thing!

Yep, I know that feeling. I’ve been there too. And I know things can change.¬†

I equip mothers with the tools and support they need to reconnect with themselves and feel whole again. Motherhood ceases to be an endurance exercise to survive – it becomes an opportunity to thrive as a woman and a parent.

The work we do together aims to: *restore clarity and a sense of connection, *rebuild core strength and healthy body function, *re-establish emotional balance and resilience.¬†In my 15 years of being a mother and my 13 years of working with women and families, I’ve come to understand that there is a difference between ‘normal’ common and ‘normal’ functional, healthy.¬†My purpose is to help you cross that bridge from ‘normal’ common back to ‘normal’ functional and well.

I get that life gets messy. Whatever your story and whatever your starting point, my help comes with no criticism, no judgement, just pure presence and understanding.

Find out more about working with me, learn about my qualifications and experience, or read what people say about me. Please note, I am not a medical professional: see Medical Disclaimer here.

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