Sometimes the bottom drops out. Everything changes. For me, that moment came with my youngest son’s open heart surgery in September 2018.  I’m not working as a doula any longer, but I am here to share my journey and discoveries along the way. 

Rebecca Wright Postnatal Specialist Doula HealerBecoming a mother is really a series of initiations. Some of them we embrace easily, others less so. Hopefully we manage to keep showing up. 

My perspective is that of a single mother of four, solo mum to an utterly gorgeous little boy who has Down’s Syndrome, and a woman who really wants to keep something of herself in all this mix of motherhood. 

My intention is to share my journey and what I’m learning. I hope if you’re reading this, you’ll find something to support or to inspire you, and if you’re struggling (as I often do), to ease your way. 

With love,

xo Rebecca

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