Short reflections on my 47th Birthday

It’s my birthday today, so sharing a few thoughts on things I’ve learned or been reminded of this past year.

*When you want to change things, habits matter most. I see this again and again, habits matter. They focus thought and action, they are the fabric of the present and future we are creating. Consistency matters more than perfection, just pick it up if you fall off. Community helps too!

*Strong and healthy boundaries are essential, especially for women. Learning how to say no, and remembering to say it, gives us space to breathe and live and actually make the choices that are in alignment with what we want to be bringing in. Sometimes these boundaries need to be built in physically and/or legally. If that’s the case, do it.

*It’s okay to celebrate yourself and give yourself what you need, particularly when you are an adult. Hey I bought my own birthday flowers and cake (not up to making it this year). I did resist a bit, but then I thought my kids need to see this and I need to allow celebration too. I do love my flowers. ūüôā

*When things aren’t working and frustration rising, give yourself some space. Finding space takes action on my part, probably it does on yours too. It’s not easy, and make take time to access, but it is so necessary and worth it.

*Day to day, moment to moment, how you feel matters. Feeling makes a great compass and guide to what’s right when we wake up to the messages. I feel so strongly that this will be increasingly important as things get tougher, and it’s why we are here together – to hold that inner compass and light for ourselves and others.

Virtual circle is on tonight, please do join us.

Ready to go deeper with the work? I have a few spaces for May 2019 for one-to-one healing. You can find out more here.¬†( I¬†can’t¬†resist¬†a¬†birthday¬†special¬†so¬†quote ‘Birthday Special’¬†if¬†you’re¬†booking¬†by¬†30¬†April¬†2019 and¬†I’ll¬†include¬†a¬†special¬†30-minute Desire¬†Map¬†bonus¬†session.)

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