Autumn 2017

It’s been a good while since I’ve blogged, as often the case with motherhood, there’s been much time for thought, less time for getting things down on paper (or screen). This year has been an exceptional one, the shape of life changing enormously. I’ve retreated to process, and let things settle. While the ground is still shifting a bit under my feet, it’s (probably) safe to say that motherhood is more my focus than ever before. That may sound strange given I’ve the same four children I’ve had for a good 2+ years now, but life and circumstance has encouraged (necessitated) a drawing in and down into that role and that work. I am more fully and unadulterated ‘mother’ now than I have ever been before.

It’s bittersweet really – but I’ll save some of that for another day.

One thing that’s come of embracing this – and particularly embracing motherhood to my youngest – is that I’m more conscious of choices and impact on him and our family life. I find the level of responsibility of sole parenthood to him really challenging. I’m learning and stumbling and finding my feet again and again as I go.

We’re keeping things simple at the moment, with a focus on establishing healthier rhythms, clearing out what’s been weighing us down, putting stronger foundations in place. I had to accept a little while back that work – beyond being a mother – is beyond me at present.

A good day, I realised, is one where I spend some time outside and some time creating (with yarn or fibre, all the better) alongside all the mothering things. So we broke out the babywearing coat today …

And got some super exciting post from Wingham Wool

My long awaited rigid heddle loom! And when I say ‘long awaited’ it’s been years so I am delighted it’s here.

After a lot of research and agonising, I opted for the 10″ Ashford Sampleit loom as my time is really limited. It can be warped up quickly and is the perfect size for playing and learning. I took a peek in the box at nap-time but as finishing and assembling is required my adventures with what’s inside will have to wait.

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