July 2017: ‘You choose’

There’s something about July that is feeling fresher, brighter to me already. Maybe it’s just the return of the sun (finally!!), after a week of grey clouds and incessant rain, or maybe it’s that things feel like they are finally settling into some kind of order that makes sense.

I’ve been wanting to get into a better pattern of writing and blogging here, so I’m going to have a go with weekly sharing, less worry about doing it ‘right’ and simply sharing a bit of what moves me each week, committing to at least a paragraph a week and seeing where that takes me.

This week things feel like they are finally falling into place. For a long time, the pieces have been muddled for me.  So many things I love and would love to be doing, so many changes in personal circumstance that make those things difficult to impossible at present. But patience in shifting through the pieces seems to have paid off and I have a clear vision for my work and life over the next few years, at least! And that’s as much as any of us really can hope for, I’d say.

Rebalancing Woman is growing into a haven for women seeking balance in motherhood. A space for holding that journey, giving time and presence to the challenges we face, and healing physically and emotionally and spiritually for women’s journeys in connection with motherhood – whether we are talking ‘mother wound’, fertility, baby loss, pregancy, birth, breastfeeding, recovery after birth, or holding ‘mother’ as part of our identity over the longer term, for me, that is what Rebalancing Woman is about. It’s a women-only space, and all women seeking to bring balance in connection with that idea (and reality!) of ‘mother’ are welcome.

And it’s a space for sharing my own journey and thoughts and reflections on these things, of course! I hope we will one day come to a time where every mother can feel not alone in her experiences, but until that time sharing stories helps us to connect with what’s real in that journey, the good and the bad, the beautiful and the challenging.

Day to day, our free Facebook community group is holding space for holding centre, witnessing and sharing this journey, and of course I’m loving the deeper journey of those engaged with the Heart Healing for Mothers programme.

I’ve created a new home hub for another piece of my work this week – that piece that focuses on birth education and advocacy. For me, this work is a real soul calling and it is something separate (though connected) with what I and our beautiful community of women are holding here at Rebalancing Woman. The exciting piece of this is that I’ve joined up with the fabulous Indie Birth to offer their community birth workshops ***for free!*** The first one will be happening 29 July 2017 at Miss Tina’s in Sunderland. Things are shifting rapidly in the birth world in the UK and it feels like the right time to step up to re-engage with this work. I’m looking forward to writing, teaching, and blogging regularly on birth and related topics.

My final piece of exciting news is that I’m going back to school this month. I’ve taken up study in a 2-year programme that will no doubt challenge and fulfil me, and take me deeper with my own work and calling. I’m really excited to begin, but am aware that it will take some serious commitment. I’m pretty sure I’ll be sharing some pieces of that journey over on my birth education and advocacy blog over the next months.

I’m often working with oracles in various ways, it’s a simple and sacred way for me of feeling connected. This morning I chose one for July. The message that came through was a simple one: ‘you choose’. I know what I’m choosing now (and wow what a journey it has been to get to this point of clarity and choice).

What are you choosing for you? I’d love to know what the freshness of July is bringing to your life and world. Come share with us in the group.

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