MuTu Monday Week 3: When things start to fall apart

I don’t know about for you, but often for me when I’m engaging with a programme it’s between week 2 and week 3 that things start to get tough. This week I hit that edge.

If you can’t see this week’s video above, you can watch it here.

I find about a week to 10 days in is the place where many of us drop the ball, give up, and go back to old habits as the initial momentum and excitement hits up against everyday ordinary reality. Humans are creatures of habit! It takes time to change old patterns.

If you’ve hit that place, if you’ve missed a walk (or two!) or a day of core exercises, or cheated a bit with food know you’re not alone. What we’re doing is changing overall patterns and habits – these are BIG changes and it’s normal and human to stumble sometimes along the way.

The important thing when we do stumble is to allow ourselves to come back again, to hold to the bigger picture. Forgive yourself, and start again from where you left off.  (And this is where community support and the momentum of group connection shines – even if we stumble, we can be held by the group. Pop me a message if you’d like to know more about connecting locally.)

And take heart! Week 3 brings a new influx of that beginning momentum as we pick up intensives this week! I’m excited as I LOVE the energy and challenge of these.

Also, as Wendy says, have you changed your shoes yet?! I needed that nudge first time around as I was afraid barefoot would be waaay out of my price range and I was almost afraid to look. It is worth looking though as I found my first pair (in 2015) for about £30. These were well-loved for over a year before I needed to replace them.

My current shoes were more of an investment but worth it as I now know I love them. (My barefoot shoes are constantly being ‘borrowed’ by my children.) 

Have you hit that wall? Comment below and share what’s happening for you…and any tips of things that have worked for you to overcome the barrier. 

Also, shoes! Snap a pic and show us yours! See you next week! 

Not joined MuTu yet? You can find out more about the programme and/or sign up here (this is my affiliate link that gets you a discount 😊). Need more personal connection and motivation? Pop me a message and ask about the local group that’s going to be starting soon. 

2 thoughts on “MuTu Monday Week 3: When things start to fall apart

  1. Any recent updates? How’s it gone in February?

    • Badly!! But not abandoned! I’ll post an update soon, been caught up with life and working on getting back on track. Thanks for asking.

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