MuTu Monday Week 2: My baby loves squats!

Hello everyone! Bran and I are checking in following our first completed week of MuTu. Bran’s favourite MuTu exercise is…SQUATS. I keep him entertained by doing them when he’s in the bath.

Can’t see the video above? You can watch it here:

My best tip for busy mamas this week is…be flexible! Learning the exercises (and printing out the cheat sheet) has meant that if my toddler is not feeling cooperative I can do the exercises in small chunks throughout the day. He may love squats, but he seriously dislikes anything where my head is on the ground so I have to pick my moments.

We’ve done pretty well with our walking, though snow this week has meant a slower pace and Bran in the sling (I use a long woven wrap which gives adequate support to my back and shoulders whilst carrying – this week I was using my Firespiral slings wool blend that is ultra supportive and warm under a babywearing coat). He snuggled right in to sleep.

One other big change for me in the first week is engaging with the MuTu Food
 – this week I’ve focused on eating breakfast with protein, which can be challenging when you’re a busy mother of four. My top breakfasts for this week have been:

*yogurt with chia seeds and the Linwood flaxseed, almond, walnut, Brazil nut, enzyme Q-10 blend (very quick and packed with nutrients).

*vegetable omelette with cheese (this was a special treat on one of my baby’s nursery mornings)

*when I’ve really no time a handful of nuts (almonds or hazelnuts) and a piece of fruit.

While my diet overall is fairly okay now that I’m tracking again (and showing a little self-restraint!), I’m admittedly a bit of a caffeine fiend…definitely a crutch! Week 2 is asking for two food changes so I’m thinking about bringing my caffeine consumption into the MuTu food limits and replacing my excess tea and coffee habit with my home herbal tea mix of nourishing oatstraw, nettle and red raspberry leaf (a mix that is nutrient-rich and mood balancing…I’m sure my children will thank me for that! 😉).

If you’re following the programme I’d love to hear how you’re getting on, so do share in the comments. Not started yet? You can find out more about MuTu System and sign up here (and my affiliate link will get you a 20% discount!)

2 thoughts on “MuTu Monday Week 2: My baby loves squats!

  1. Thanks for the post. I am half way through week 1 and not done food yet but from this post Ican add in herbal teas. My son tried the exercises with me which was funny. A bit hard when he tried to play horses on the dog leg one… not sure that is quite whatthey mean by load bearing and resistance work…

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